This One is for Sose and Allen


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Two days ago we took a break from our hectic touring schedule to attend a unique event, a memorial tree planting for Sose and Allen at Siraharneroo Aykee (Lover’s Park). Those who knew Sose and Allen undoubtedly know that they were immensely passionate about the various programs they worked on, especially Youth Corps; it was evident that the program was especially important to them both. After participating in Youth Corps in 2007 Sose realized that the program wasn’t reaching its full potential. It was Sose’s idea to change the program from physically rebuilding Armenia to having a day camp, which would allow participants to directly engage with the youth.

Two days away from the start of the program we spent a majority of our day discussing and finalizing the details of our daily schedule. The reality that “jampar” is going to begin finally hit me. I am extremely excited and eager to meet and get to know the real Armenia through my experiences with the youth in Gyumri. As we are about to embark on this journey, I am certain that each one of us will put in our best effort to not only do what is expected of us, but to improve the program in every aspect, as Sose and Allen envisioned.