In their honor


(view original article) This blog is dedicated to the memory of Allen Yekikian and Sose Thomassian.

A couple of months ago, me and Allen were on the same flight together from LA to Yerevan, both of us journeying into a new chapter in our lives.

That long and usually grueling flight couldn't have passed by any quicker. Me and Allen had nothing but deep and insightful (usually from his end) discussions about Armenia, technology, health, and social justice.

What grabbed me the most about our discussion this time, though, was Allen's heightened determination to let his example reverberate beyond just his personal circle.

He told me he was going to start a blog called How to Make it in Armenia. He wanted to show and share with the world that moving here was not something insane or heroic, but something possible and beneficial.

A couple of days later, I told him that he inspired me to do the same thing and asked him what he thought about the name and concept of Louder Than Words, a blog about actions being taken on the ground by people themselves, not just the words of leaders and commentators.

He was ecstatic and encouraged me to move forward without a second thought.

Since their tragic passing, I've hesitated from posting anything new.

But I keep thinking about those conversations and realize that the best thing I can do is to honor both of their memory by passing on the spirit and cause they represented.

Allen and Sose, thank you for the inspiration. You are sorely missed but never forgotten.