Raffi and Armenouhi Hovannisian offer condolences


(view original article) Raffi and Armenouhi Hovannisian offer their condolences over the death of Civilnet employee Allen Yekikian and his wife Sose Thomassian in a car accident, Raffi Hovannisian headquarters reports.

“For the Family and Friends of Allen and Sose Hayastan and the World

Vshtakits barekamner,

He was, for our father, the finest of students and a true intellectual.

He was, for our son, a compatriot and friend and fellow soldier.

He was, for us the humble guides of his generation, a reminder of why we ourselves had moved to Armenia once upon a time.

He came, as we had come, for love and for struggle.

Allen Yekikian and Sose Thomassian were married in Armenia, and together they believed that they were going to make it in the Homeland. They believed, to the very end, that Armenia was going to make it.

As we ask God, in our hallowed tradition, to illuminate their united soul, we bear our heartfelt share in this terrible loss for the Nation. We shall continue, in Allen's and Sose's name, to love and to struggle for making Armenia the one and only of their dreams.

We are so obliged.

Miasin misht,

Raffi and Armenouhi K. Hovannisian”